Love Poems for Valentine’s Day

Some people are different by their nature, looks, attitude, and interests. To show your love towards them in an appealing manner you need to send them personalized love poems that are blended with the thoughts and content of the material of his or her interest. Poems and Quotes (You could find more love quotes here are said to be the most romantic way of expressing love and care.

Here are different love poem categories. So whether you want romantic love poems or short love poems or cute love poems you’ll find it here. So pick your choice and select the love poem of your choice. These poems have been assorted from the seers of love and passion, spanning through several ages and centuries. The greatest quotient in favor of these poems is their lengths. These poems are short and sweet.

Love You Poems

I love you

I thank God he sent you to me,
For you and I were meant to be.
We have a bond too strong to break,
We have a love no one can take.

In you, I have found a love so true,
My heart is filled with love for you.
Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat,
You make my life whole, you make my life complete.

My love for you grows more with each passing day,
The thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away:
Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness,
Those luscious lips I love to kiss.The day when I become your wife,
Will be the happiest day of my life.
Even thinking of that day makes me smile,
I can’t wait ’till I walk down that aisle.I dream of that day when we’ll both say, I do
For always and forever… I will love you.

Remember That I Love You

as your lifeless body I hold.
Remember that I love you,
as you walk down streets of gold.

Remember daddy loves you,
he’s been very sad since you’ve been gone.
Remember daddy loves you,
in his heart you’ll always live on.

Remember Shania and Mercy,
they love you so much too.
They can’t wait to see you in heaven,
when they can play with you.

And don’t forget your littlest sis,
even though she’s young, she still knows
that you are precious to us all.
She blows you a kiss from Kierra Rose.

So now it’s time to say “good-bye”
until I see you again.
I will try not to cry everyday,
If you promise to remember when.

Remember when you were here,
with mommy and daddy at home.
Remember how deeply you are loved,
and that you’ll never be alone.

So it’s a short good-bye until then,
I look forward to holding you.
Have fun with Jesus, family, and friends,
and once in awhile, think of us too.

Love at First Sight Poems

Love At First Sight

By VirgoIs

There such a thing as love at first sight?
That’s the question I used to ask
until I laid eyes on you.
How is it possible to feel so much for a
stranger, a passerby?
Love has no limits, no color, no time.
That’s when I realized I had fallen in love –
Love at first sight.

By Miamor

When I Walked In The Room,

I Saw Your Face.
When You Smiled At Me, I Knew You Were The One.
When You Looked At Me With Your Beautiful Brown Eyes, I Knew You Were Feeling Me.
When We Touched Our Lips Together, I Knew This Wasn’T A Dream.
When I Left That Night, I Said To Myself This Was Love At First Sight…

Sad Love Poems

A Time

By Charlene Lopez

There was a time
When I thought you were for me.
I saw no flaws in my choice;
I guess I didn’t see.

You didn’t treat me nicely
Despite how I treated you.
I cared for you, I loved you
And that you even knew.

I kept telling myself
That you could change your ways.
But you proved me wrong
Every single day.

I didn’t know what to do then,
My heart was already broken.
You broke my heart and you used it
Like some kind of game token.

You gained satisfaction
From other people’s pain.
You never even cared for me

I realize now that its impossible
To even be your friend.
There is no chance left for me,
Our relationship’|s at an end.

I can’t believe I never saw it before.
What had blinded me?
Everyone knew this would happen
How come I couldn’t see?

I guess I was overconfident
That this would work out fine.
I guess I was mistaken,
I had crossed the line.

Things will never be
The way that I dreamed them to be.
You don’t treat anyone with respect
So why would you care for me?

I Love Dad Poems

DADS are special people

By Helen Steiner Rice

Dads are special people
No home should be without,
For every family will agree
They are a happy mixture
Of a ‘SMALL BOY’ and a ‘MAN’
And they’re very necessary
In every ‘FAMILY PLAN’
Sometimes they’re most demanding
And stern, and firm and tough
But underneath they’re ‘soft as silk’
For this is just a ‘BLUFF’

But in any kind of trouble
Dad reaches out his hand.
And you can always count on him
To help and understand –
And while we do not praise Dad
as often as we should,
We love him and admire him,
And while that’s understood,
It’s only fair to emphasize
His importance and his worth –
For if there were no loving Dads
This would be a ‘LOVELESS EARTH’.DADS

By Ken Brown 

Delightful and loving,
Loved and admired,
Dad, you’re my hero,
My life you’ve inspired. And when all my blessings
Are counted each day,
I thank God in heaven
For Dad when I pray. Dad thanks for your presence
Throughout thick and thin;
You’re more than a parent,
You’re my wonderful friend.

Goodbye Love Poems


By kyla

I hate to say goodbye
Because I won’t see you again
or forget the time you broke my heart
and made our relationship thin
you went with a girl I couldn’t stand
she threw it in my face
I can’t believe I believed your lies
you show nothing but disgrace
although I will miss you
its just hard for me to say
goodbye my love, and live well
whatever we did I’ll never tell.

Adieu my love

By Ene Adigba

When you departed…
It was only a day.
Now it’s some months.
Soon it will be years.
It’s so hard to say good-bye.
Nevertheless, adieu.

The waves are calm already,
It echoes in our hearts.
There is so much to tell,
There is so much to share like we used to,
But where are you to listen?
Still I say adieu.

The memory torments,
Memories of the good, the bad and the ugly times,
Of the happy sad and bittersweet experiences we shared.
In trying to be brave, I say adieu,
Though in tears for the scars hurt.

Best Funny Love Poems


By Spike Milligan

Through every nook and every cranny
the wind blew in on poor old Granny
Around her knees, into each ear
(And up nose as well, I fear)
All through the night the wind grew worse
it nearly made the vicar curse
the top had fallen off the steeple
Just missing him (and other people)
It blew on man, it blew on beast
It blew on nun, it blew on priest
It blew the wig off Auntie Fanny-
But most of all, it blew on Granny!

Once I’m in My Bubble Bath

By Nicholas Gordon

Once I’m in my bubble bath
I like to stir up more.
Half the suds go in my eyes
And half go on the floor.
The fun is in the bubbles ’cause
They giggle on my skin,
And when I stick them on my face
They dangle from my chin.

And when I splash them hard enough
They pop and disappear,
And then my bath time’s over ’cause
I’ve made the water clear.

Love Poems Written by Teens

I love…

By Kassidie

I love the way I tingle at the softness of your touch
I love the way you seem to love me, oh, so very much
I love the way I dream about you all throughout the night
I love the way you hold me in your arms so warm and tight. I love the way it’s hard for me to say good-bye to you
I love the way you’re perfect in everything you do
I love the way I love you more with each and every day
I love the way I love you more than words could ever say. I love the way you smile, ’cause it makes me smile, too
I love the way I cannot seem to get my mind off you
I love the way I hold your feelings deep within my heart
I love the way I love you, and I hope we never part.

I love you

By Your Girl Belleville

Always wondering who’s going to be the true love for me
who will be the one who loves meI know now that you were meant to be mine
we are true love that lots of people can’t find I loved you from the first time I laid my eyes upon you
your first kiss, your first touch, our first time together meant so much

Sitting here now trying to write this poem,
you mean so much to me; you’re my everything

there are no words that can explain how much I love you
today, tomorrow, each and every day.

Romantic Poems

My Choice Of Love

By Raymond Oluferanmi Solanke

if love comes in colors,
I choose blue,
if love comes in flowers,
I’ll choose rose,
if love comes in songs,
I’ll think of choosing blues,
But if love should come in human beings,
I’ll definitely not think twice before
I’ll choose you!
because…..You are my choice

Here For Me

By Angela Guo

You’re there for me when I’m lost
You’re there for me at every cost
You’re there for me through snow and rain
You’re there for me when I’m in pain
You’re there for me to heal my cut
You’re there for me no matter what
You’re there for me like an angel from above
To watch over me and teach me how to love

You’re in Love

By Kolle

You wake up and he’s on your mind.
Another subject, you can’t find.
You used to think it was just a bluff.
But now you realize, you’re in love.

You see him and can’t help but smile.
Think of him for miles and miles.
Weak in the knees when he comes through.
You know his eyes see right through you.

You don’t care what people say.
You want to be with him all day.
Seeing him you can’t get enough.
And you can see that you’re in love.


By Patricia Kena

love can be good love can be bad
we all want something we never had
is there a soul mate out there for me
that special person one day we will see
someone to hold you in their arms
hands touching holding palms
sweet passionate lingering kisses
bodies fingerling heavenly bliss
I know someday I will find
that soul mate who is loving and kind
I know you are out there waiting for me
You’re in my thoughts, in my dreams

Sweet Love Poems

My Love Whispers

By Jessica Hines

Listen to the sunset,
Can you hear its quiet sigh?
Listen, the sun is falling,
Watch it toning down the sky.Soon darkness shall surround me,
Though twinkling stars will dare smile through,
While you are far away from me,
They’ll frown a humble hue.

And as the sunset spreads its colors,
Horizons of gold and red,
I lie here all too much alone,
In this great, vast chilling bed…For my world has stopped revolving,
‘Til you return, time’s standing still,
And the cold has settled ’round me,
With its stinging, breathless chill.But my love for you keeps growing,
Standing fast to fight the cold,
Reminds me of your body’s warmth,
And the story of love, untold.So listen to the sunset,
Look up, hear its quiet sigh,
Though’ we’re apart these lonely nights,
My love whispers across the sky. So Who Said It Was Easy

By Dimitri Shostakovich

So who said it was easy to keep old flames burning?
Even experts could use a little divine help now and then.
The easy part is to go out and be brilliant as Shakespeare.
Harder–much harder–to be the light dancing in someone else’s eyes.

Lights such as love require more faith than fuel.
Of all leaps, the most dangerous is into the mind of your lover.
Regarding miracles: What is less explicable than
Remaining in love through the long icy anguish of anger?
All lovers long for freedom only slightly less than they fear it.
In the end, love burns not desire but fear.
Not one of us would be capable of keeping the fire burning
Except for the knowledge that it is the sweetest, best, and most
beautiful thing in our lives.

Sweet Love Of Mine

By Jason Roop

I know it hasn’t been long since I last saw you my dear,
But to me it feels as long as five hundred year.
I miss you to the point I am loosing all sanity,
There has to be an end to all this calamity.

I think of you every second and every breath,
For you I would stare even into the face of death.
To kiss your lips is to taste the sweetness of love,
And it brings forth feelings from the heavens above.

To look into your eyes is to gaze into the sky,
So beautiful with the stars and the heavens inside.
To see your smile is to see the divine,
This poem is for you, sweet love of mine.

Sexy Love Poems

Come A Little Closer

By Deborah Woolverton

Honey, Come a little closer,
let me whisper in your ear.
Let me tell it to you softly,
So that no one else will hear.
What I have to say is private,
and is just between us two;
just want you, to know how much,
I love the things you do.

Be Here

By Beck Wolow

As I sit here and think – I can’t help but feel,
How I wish it just wasn’t real,
It feels like a lifetime – that’s how long you’re going to be away,
But it will seem like an eternity with every passing day,
You’ve become such a big part of my life since I first met you,
And the first time I saw you I knew what I wanted to do,
I told myself ’No I couldn’t’ – but did it anyway,
I had to kiss you – ’cause I didn’t know what to say,
And who would’ve thought from that uncertainty – I would fall in love with you?
I could feel myself falling – but there was nothing I could do,
I knew it was what I wanted deep down inside,
Though I couldn’t fight it even if I tried,
Now the time has come – it’s time for you to go,
I can feel it already – I will miss you so,
Just please hurry back – for I don’t know what I’ll do,
I can’t help it – what can I say – I’m just in love with you,
I will long and wish to hold you close and near,
And when you return – I’ll be waiting – I’ll be here.

Short Love Poems

Ah, My Beloved

by Omar Khayyam,

Ah, my beloved, fill the cup that clears
Today of past regrets and future fears;
Tomorrow? Why, tomorrow I may be,
Myself, with yesterday’s sev’n thousand years.

Evening Song

by Sidney Lanier

Look off, dear Love, across the sallow sands,
And mark yon meeting of the sun and sea;
How long they kiss in sight of all the lands,
Ah! longer, longer we. Now, in the sea’s red vintage melts the sun
As Egypt’s pearl dissolved in rosy wine
And Cleopatra night drinks all. ‘Tis done,
Love, lay thine hand in mine. Come forth, sweet stars, and comfort heaven’s heart,
Glimmer, ye waves, ’round else unlighted sands;
Oh night! divorce our sun and sky apart
Never our lips, our hands.

My Pretty Rose Tree

by William Blake 

A flower was offered to me:
Such a flower as May never bore.
But I said “I’ve a Pretty Rose-tree”,
And I passed the sweet flower o’er.

Then I went to my Pretty Rose-tree:
To tend her by day and by night.
But my Rose turn’d away with jealousy:
And her thorns were my only delight.

True Love

By Kabetu Kenya

Drop a tear,
It releases the fear.
Feel her near,
and tell it to her ear
I’ll love you to the end of years.

By William Butler Yeats

I had this thought a while ago,
“My darling cannot understand
What I have done, or what would do
In this blind bitter land.”
And I grew weary of the sun
Until my thoughts cleared up again,
Remembering that the best I have done
Was done to make it plain;
That every year I have cried, “At length
My darling understands it all,
Because I have come into my strength,
And words obey my call;”
That had she done so who can say
What would have shaken from the sieve?
I might have thrown poor words away
And been content to live.

Love Poems For Man

To The Man I Love

By Karen Kelly

I have a man I dearly love
He makes me so very happy
I see the good qualities he has
He stands by me always
And never a dull moment when we are together
I awake in the morning with a smile on my face
I then awake my sweetie, with kind words, and a cup of coffee
I start my day with a gentle kiss always
And end the day with a word of love forever
Now let the night go by, and watch the sun appear
We both look forward to another day God has let us be near
Our friends are few, and family is close
But we can always feel the closeness together as the day goes on
This man I dearly I dearly love, and cherish his every moment with me
I hold that special place in my heart today
For the man I dearly love.


By Courtney Kuchta

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine…
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.

Love and Relationships Poems

A Friend So True

By R.A. Beeman

I never knew a friend so true.
One like me could only be you.
She’s not afraid to say you’re wrong.
In her understanding I stand strong.

Without a fight,
She makes wrongs right.
She loves without strings.
Life anew each day she brings.

She’s patient when I fall.
With lessons learned I stand tall.
Her friendship I know will never part.
For through my eyes she knows my heart.

Through trials and temptations be,
Condemnation we cannot see.
Never leaving friendships hold
Best friends together we’ll grow old.

Blessed are we oh friend of mine.
Our time to share, our time to shine.
Our time to give, our time to take.
Friends like us, no mistake we can make.

Lesbian Love Poems


By Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper

I love her with the seasons, with the winds,
As the stars worship, as anemones
Shudder in secret for the sun, as bees
Buzz round an open flower: in all kinds
My love is perfect, and in each she finds
Herself the goal: then why, intent to teaze
And rob her delicate spirit of its ease,
Hastes she to range me with inconstant minds?
If she should die, if I were left at large
On earth without her-I, on earth, the same
Quick mortal with a thousand cries, her spell
She fears would break. And I confront the charge
as sorrowing, and as careless of my fame
As Christ intact before the infidel.

By Walt Whitman.

Give you my hand!

I give you my love more precious than money,
I give you myself before preaching or law;
will you give me yourself?
Will you travel with me?
Shall we stick by each other
as long as we live?

Cute Love Poems

Dreams Come True

By John Mangalindan

If I could have my dreams come true
These are the things I’d like to do.
To have a cabin deep in the woods,
And someone to share both the bad and the good.
We’d lie by the fireplace,forever it seems,
And share with each other our future of dreams.
As we tire of talking,we’d snuggle up close,
These are the times, I’d cherish the most.

Im sorry

By Abner djumapili

Im sorry, I didn’t me to hurt you,
I apologize. I wish you get well soon.
To mean it here is a flower which symbolizes
Love and here is a kiss well give you the good
feelings of my heart. I didn’t me to hurt you
im sorry.

I’m Sorry

By Joshua W. Phillips

I’m sorry for the times you cried,
and the loneliness you felt inside.
I’m sorry for the way things were,
and the selfishness that you endured.
I’m sorry for the nights we lost,
and the deep pain it must have cost.
I’m sorry for the love you missed;
losing you helped me realize this.
I’m sorry I wasn’t the man you deserved,
this has been the hardest lesson learned.
I’m sorry I wasn’t there to show,
the deepest love you’ll ever know.
I’m sorry for the empty days,
and the stresses that you still yet pay.
I’m sorry for the way I left;
I’ve never felt so much regret.
I’m sorry for the heart I broke,
that shattered with the words I spoke.
I’m sorry for the empty space,
that lay beside you in my place.
I’m sorry for the empty arms;
you fell into when times were hard.
I’m sorry for the days that passed,
Our love now will surely last.
I’m sorry it took so long to vow,
to love you forever here and now.

Secrete Love Poems

Secret Love

By Kaycee

When u love some body
you don’t know how to keep it a secret
but yet u have to cause you don’t want nobody to now
because YOUR scared of what people might think of you
your scareD to say I love you and I’m scared to do the same but even I will always love u no matter what cause all I
KNOW is that YOUR my SECERT love.

Secret Love

By Ask Me

I dreamed of a love
a love so true
and then from above
God sent you
When our eyes met
I turned away
Only to regret
That grateful day

I search in the dark
To find that key
That triggers the spark
You put in me

I want you to see
That my love is true
Even though we can’t be
I still hold my true love for you.

Mother Love Poems


By Helen Steiner Rice

A Mother’s love is something
that no on can explain,
It is made of deep devotion
and of sacrifice and pain,
It is endless and unselfish
and enduring come what may
For nothing can destroy it
or take that love away . . .

It is patient and forgiving
when all others are forsaking,
And it never fails or falters
even though the heart is breaking . . .
It believes beyond believing
when the world around condemns,
And it glows with all the beauty
of the rarest, brightest gems . . .
It is far beyond defining,
it defies all explanation,
And it still remains a secret
like the mysteries of creation . . .
A many splendoured miracle
man cannot understand
And another wondrous evidence
of God’s tender guiding hand.


Mother You filled my days with rainbow lights,
fairytales and sweet dream nights,
a kiss to wipe away my tears,
Gingerbread to ease my fears.
You gave the gift of life to me,
and then in love, you set me free.
I thank you for your tender care,
for deep warm hugs and being there.
I hope that when you think of me,
a part of you, you’ll always see.

Teen Love Poems

Feelings Of Love

by Dee

I have feelings of love for the guy I see.
Does he love me too, what does he think of me?I wish I could tell him he makes me whole, but I’m afraid to say
what’s deep in my soul.I don’t want to lose him, for I would be alone,
and some days I just can’t wait to hear his voice on the phone.He does certain things to make me feel loved,
some days he wants to be alone and my heart is shoved.

I want to feel as though I am his safeguard,
the one he can come to when things get hard.

I will always be there to help him along,
and before we met I wasn’t as strong.

I wish I could tell him what I feel inside,
but I’m afraid of what he’ll say, how he’ll act on the outside.

My Gift To You

By Lonely Shadow

I live through my dark existence
only to bask in your beauty
your eyes that shine like sapphires
your smile that brightens even my sad existence
I envy the wind that runs through your hair
that touches your lips
I long to touch you
to hold you in my arms but I cannot
for your heart belongs to another
so, I can only love you from afar
your friendship means more to me
than anything this world provides
but like an angel, you touched my heart
in a way that I’ve never felt before
cause I’ve never known what love is until this day
I know that we are only friends
but my heart wishes it to be more
so I will still hope and dream
that one day I can feel your lips pressed to mine

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