Are You Good Enough for Yourself?

Are you good enough for yourself?

Not ideal women, mother, wife, etc –  let’s find out the secrets of HAPPINESS for alive people!

I recently had a conversation with an interesting person. We talked about the strengths and weaknesses of the individual. I decided to share my thoughts with you. It’s hard to be perfect. Pretending to be perfect is still possible for a while. But to be like that in reality… And is it necessary?

I think our weaknesses are a kind of “sparkles” that improve the personality, make it alive, interesting, unique, and original.

This is what makes us the US … Perfectly processed diamond – yes, it’s beauty: perfect lines, shape, shine. But  “wild”, unprocessed gemstone attracts not less attention: I want to look at it; the gaze stops at every notch, inequality…It attracts with its imperfection. Is a wildflower is less beautiful than a meter-long rose grown in a greenhouse?

I’m not talking about justifying my own laziness and unwillingness to grow, to become better.

Like, “I’m so cool, I do not need to work on myself.” I’m more about love and acceptance. About kindness to yourself. After all, we often consider ourselves not good enough, smart, successful, beautiful … Contemplating “ideal” mothers, children, “ideal” relationships, “ideal” homes, “ideal” men everywhere – it’s so easy to devalue yourself!

It’s so easy to despair on your own, to lose motivation…

Or go to the other extreme, trying to get this illusory “ideal”, we lose the joy of life, peace, and ourselves. And at the moment when it seems the “perfection”, was achieved, it turns out that an even “more ideal ideal” is appeared on the horizon … 💛💛💛…

When we slow down a little, smile sincerely at ourselves, accept and love ourselves with all our weaknesses, a miracle happens.

We become more patient, kind, loving to others. It is easier for us to accept the imperfections of the world and the people around us. We criticize less, devalue, and love more. We, WITH LOVE AND RESPECT FOR OURSELVES, are ready to develop and become better! This is also relevant to the relationship between parents and children.

By accepting ourselves, parents who are far from perfect, we become able to accept our imperfect children. And, therefore, we have every chance to build a HAPPY relationship in mutual love, enjoying life together … ❤

By Ekaterina Lichman