10 Signs You’re Genuinely Happy

1 Calm down and realize that it is not important for you to be the best from the best. You already take your place. You do not waste time and energy proving something to someone. Enough for you.  Self-sufficient.

2 You stop asking permission, feeling awkward for suddenly allowing yourself to love, to be sad, to be ill, to be angry, to be blunt.

3 You stop being ashamed of your body …. And everything is “yours” – thanks to each of your bulges and bulges.

4 You suddenly start to like yourself in the mirror and don’t look for confirmation of your beauty in someone’s eyes. You stop substituting sex and love, and vice versa. How to Build a Healthy Relationship Between a Man and a Woman with Science 

5 You no longer react so painfully to rudeness, tactlessness, ignorance, and flattery – you know what is behind it. And able to define the pain from which it arises – and respond precisely to it.

6 You can look directly in the eyes. Yes, just look straight ahead. Because a fulcrum appears inside, from which you look.

7 You can afford to call those you want to hear, write or say – “hug” – those you want to hug. And embrace with all your warmth.

8 You can ask stupid questions and say “I don’t know.” And say no. You can sit down so that it is comfortable for you. Full booty on a chair. Take that piece on a platter that you like.

9 You can laugh at yourself, without feeling inferior, but allowing yourself this gift of imperfection, and laugh, not at someone, but with someone – without devaluing.

10 And you can let others Be. Suddenly, calming down, no longer expect miracles from them, and discovering their previously indistinguishable gifts.

Author: Svetlana Roiz

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